Company Requirements

Dancers' requirements include:

  • Levels:  Co. 8, Co. 7, Co. 6, Co. 5, must take 1 jazz, 1 JTS, 3 ballet classes,
    1 stretch, and weekly rehearsals. Tap and hip hop are strongly encouraged.
  • Levels: Co. 4  Co. 3, Co. 2, Co. 1 must take 2 ballet classes, lyrical class,
    1 JTS class & 1 stretch class and weekly rehearsals. Tap and hip hop are strongly encouraged.
  • All other levels must take 1 ballet class, 1 jazz class and lyrical.  Stretch,
    tap and hip hop are strongly encouraged.
  • Attend classes 2-4 days a week plus some weekend rehearsals
  • Attend master classes and conventions.
  • Attend the KAR convention at the Visalia Convention Center on
    October 2, 2016
  • Edge dancers will compete  at 4-6 talent competitions throughout the nation and attend a Nationals
  • Edge Kids and Cutting Edge will attend 3-4 talent competitions
  • Perform locally around the community
  • Be present at all performances and competitions

Dancers’ financial requirements include:

  • Monthly tuition (September-June) varies per dancer
  • Costume estimate for each costume $250: Rhinestones are extra
  • Choreography fee estimate: $150-?? per routine and per dancer
  • Competition fee estimate: $50 per group per competition/ Convention fee estimate: $225
  • Rhinestone estimate: $75 per costume
  • Prop fee if applicable*See FAQ on last page of packet
  • Handling fees if applicable to cover the costs of hauling the prop
  • Travel fee per dancer per competition; $10
  • Shoes, tights, and accessories,
  • Personal travel expenses
  • Private lessons


Dancers Edge HANFORD: 559.585.8585 | VISALIA NORTH / DOWNTOWN: 559.732.LEAP (5327)