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We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and spent wonderful time with family and loved ones. We sure missed our dancers and are ready to get back into the swing of things. Listed below are a few updates for the week. Please let us know if you have any questions.


2015 Hanford Recital Dates:
Thursday, June 18 - Dress Rehearsal
Saturday, June 20 - Recital Performances
Location: Hanford Presentation Center
(East Campus)

2015 Visalia Recital Dates:
Thursday, June 25 - Dress Rehearsal
Saturday, June 27 - Recital Performances
Location: LJ Williams Theater
(Redwood High School)

Recital Updates

Costumes: All recital costumes have been ordered at this time. Please expect delivery time to be anywhere from 8-12 weeks. Once the costumes have arrived we will label and hang them, steam them and then pass them out. We will notify parents prior to their child's class costume distribution day. The studio will take care of any alterations that might be needed.

Because each recital class has a different costume we will not be able to have any dancer switch to a new class for the remainder of the season.

Routines: All recital routine choreography will begin this month. It is very important that your child attend their recital classes weekly. Choreography will take place the last 15min of each class time. If your child is not participating in the recital they will still have regular class and learn the choreography the last 15 minutes with the class. Dancers not in the recital will continue to take classes through the end of April.

What Were Working on this Month: This month all the teachers are focusing on "Posture." Along with all the other notes given in class teachers are emphasizing on dancer's Posture. You can help us out at home by reminding your dancer to "pull up," "stand tall," and always "shoulders back." Even if they don't go on to be professional ballerinas great posture is important and they will appreciate it as they grow.

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2014-15 CALENDAR


Welcome Back
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