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Visalia office hours: Monday-Thursday 4:00-8:30pm & Fridays from 4:00-6:30pm
Hanford office hours: Monday-Thursday from 4:00-8:00pm

Important Date Reminders:
Recital Dates: June 22-25 Hanford & Visalia Recitals
NEW for 2016! All recitals will be held at the LJ Williams Theater in Visalia.
(Redwood High School on Main St.)
Tentative schedules can be viewed here: Visalia | Hanford

We are in final preparations for our upcoming recitals next week! We couldn't be any more thrilled. Our shows are going to be fantastic and we cannot wait to see all our awesome dancers on the big stage! This will be our last Weekly Wednesday for the season. Next week you will receive daily emails reminding you of the day's events. Listed below are updates for the week. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Recital Schedule We will start with "Recital Schedule" next Wednesday at LJ Williams Theater. Please make sure to review the recital packet that was handed out for exact days and times your dancer will need to be at the theater. Packets are still available at the studio if you need extra copies.

Bringing your dancer into the theater:
Tech Rehearsals: Dancers may enter any of the doors. (Front or west side doors by the tennis courts.)
All Recitals: Dancers must enter the west side doors (by the tennis courts) and be checked in. One parent may bring them in the side door but must have their ticket with them. Dancers may not come through the front doors for any of the recitals.

**Dancers must stay in the dressing rooms for the entire recital. Dancers may not go and sit in the audience. We do a finale at the end of the show with all the dancers. We need them to be in their assigned dressing rooms so we can gather them and line them up.

How to pick up your Dancer after each recital.
• "Celebration" Recital (Tot's and K classes)- All Tots 2 yrs, 3yrs, 4yrs will remain seated on stage for parents to pick up. K-Classes will be taken back to their assigned dressing rooms.
• "Get Ready to Party" Recital (Visalia Level A classes)- All classes will be taken back to their assigned dressing rooms.
• "Platinum" Recital (Visalia Level B & up)- All classes will return to their assigned dressing rooms.
• "Let's Party" Recital (Hanford)- All Tots 2yrs, 3 yrs, 4yrs, will remain seated on stage for parents to pick up. All other classes will return to their dressing rooms.

** The process to get everyone back to their dressing rooms does take time. We ask that parents please wait 5-10 minutes before coming to pick up your dancer. Please talk with your dancer about staying in their dressing room at all times. Please make sure to take all your belongings with you after each performance. There will be other dancers coming in to use the dressing rooms for other shows.

Hanford Recital Pictures Hanford Recital pictures will be ready for pick up starting next Monday. Pictures will be available for pick up on Monday and Tuesday at the Hanford studio or at the theater the rest of the week.

  • Theater Etiquette. Just a friendly reminder of general theater etiquette that you may pass along to your family:
  • Please arrive on time. Once the house lights go off it is hard to find seats in the dark. Parking is not the easiest at LJ Williams Theater so please give plenty of time for parking.
  • Do not get up during a performance. Please enter/exit the theater in between routines.
  • Please cheer and clap for all performances! Dancers feed off of a great crowd. Let them know what a great job they are doing.
  • Make sure to not bring balloons into the theater. They may block the view of someone around you.
  • Cell phones should be turned on silent.
  • Crying babies should be tended to in the lobby.
  • Parents may videotape the performances however no video equipment may be set up and views of those around you must not be blocked. Cell phone video is acceptable.
  • For the safety of our dancers, flash photography is not allowed.

Recital Parent Volunteers If you signed up to volunteer backstage for any of our recitals you will receive an email confirmation in the next few days with specific instructions. You will not need a ticket to enter the theater but please bring your email confirmation letter.

Recital Souvenirs Recital tank tops and trophies are still on sale. It's not too late to purchase these items. Tank tops can be taken home today and trophies will be available at the theater for pick up starting next week.

Recital Flowers & DVD's Order forms for flowers and DVD's are available at the front counter. It is custom that dancers receive flowers after a performance. You may also purchase a professional DVD of your dancer's recital. DVD's usually take 8 weeks to be delivered.

Recital Tickets Please make sure to bring your printed tickets that you have purchased for the recital. No one will be allowed into the theater without a ticket. Seating is reserved and your seat number is printed on your ticket.
Tickets are still available for all shows. You may still purchase tickets online at this time. Tickets will also be sold at the door.

**Just a reminder that the office staff will be at the theater for all tech rehearsals and recitals. If you need any assistance please see them in the front lobby. You may also email us at dncrsedg@aol.com with any questions you may have. We will check our emails multiple times a day and get back to you as soon as we can.

We just want to take a second and thank you for an incredible year! Thank you for trusting us with your dancer's dance education. It has been an honor to watch these talented dancers grow over the year and we look forward to seeing them in our upcoming sessions. We wish all of our dancers the best of luck at the recital!

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